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artiate africa is owned, managed and run by artists for artists …

Artiate Africa stands out as a creative powerhouse owned, managed and run by artists, for artists. Our team embodies a deep understanding and appreciation of the artistic journey, bringing firsthand experience and passion to every endeavor.

Led by visionary leaders like Tonderai Chiyindiko, Zanele Mashumi, and Robyn Field, we are united by a shared commitment to unleashing creativity, fostering community empowerment and championing diversity within the arts.

At Artiate, our team is more than just a collection of individuals; we are a vibrant community of visionaries, changemakers, and innovators dedicated to unleashing creativity and fostering community empowerment through art.

With a wealth of experience in creative industries research, consultancy, community engagement and talent development, our team members, including Tonderai Chiyindiko, Zanele Mashumi and Robyn Field, embody a commitment to social impact, cultural enrichment and artistic excellence.

Together, we shape inclusive and vibrant creative ecosystems, driving positive transformation and inspiring change through our collaborative spirit and passion for the arts.

Executive Team

Tonderai chiyindiko

Tonderai Chiyindiko is a seasoned professional in the field of cultural and creative industries (CCI’s), boasting over 15 years of experience as a creative industries researcher, consultant and speaker. His extensive career includes roles as a Business of the Arts facilitator, university lecturer, and cultural events producer. Tonderayi has worked with prominent organisations such as the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), Alliance Française Harare, Sibikwa Arts Centre, Dance Umbrella Festival and various academic institutions including the University of Zululand, University of the Free State and Wits University.

Tonderai is the founder and director of Artiate Africa, a reputable creative industries research and consultancy company based in Johannesburg. He is also recognised as an arts writer and creative economy thought leadership contributor, with publications in various renowned platforms such as ZAM! Magazine, Daily Maverick, The Huffington Post-UK and The Standard Newspaper

zanele mashumi

Zanele Mashumi is a visionary leader dedicated to unleashing creativity and empowering communities through art. With a passion for fostering artistic expression and driving positive change, Zanele has emerged as a prominent figure in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) landscape. Zanele’s impact extends beyond her professional achievements. She envisions a future where art is accessible to all, where diversity is celebrated, and where communities are empowered through creative expression. Her dedication to championing “Art for the Millions, Not Only for Millionaires” reflects a deep-seated commitment to democratising access to art and promoting social cohesion through cultural exchange.

robyn field

Robyn Field has extensive experience in the arts scene, notably as the owner and curator of Unity Gallery from 2003 to 2013. During her tenure, she nurtured emerging artists such as Blessing Ngobeni and Mandy Coppes-Martin. Robyn’s involvement with Artist Proof Studio included marketing, sales and managing external exhibitions like the Bell Dewar and Hall Attorneys year-end show. She also collaborated with Sanaa Africa on a three-day arts festival at Moyo’s Zoo Lake and managed the Soweto Festival Arts Pavilion. Additionally, Robyn contributed to the Multichoice Africa 2012 Calendar, showcasing art from diverse African artists. Her work is featured in private and corporate collections, and she has participated in various art fairs and exhibitions, including the Turbine Art Fair, Melrose Gallery’s sculptX and the Biennial Neodvisnih.